• Immunity
  • Pain
  • Brain



  • Helps relieve occasional stress and tension
  • Adaptogenic herb
  • High concentration
  • Harvested in India

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Fully Vegan

No Preservatives

The basics


In the Indian practice of Ayurveda, Ashwagandha has been celebrated for centuries for its therapeutic qualities.

and benefits

Supports muscle strength and recovery

Ashwagandha, a rejuvenative herb, has been studied for its effects on physical performance. Clinical studies have shown that it can support increases in strength levels during resistance training, as well as reduce exercise-induced muscle damage over time.

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Helps relieve occasional stress

Stress is a common factor in most people’s lives and can affect our mood and decision making. Ashwagandha has been clinically studied for its effectiveness in relieving occasional stress.*

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Supports memory and cognitive function

A 2017 study evaluated the effect of ashwagandha on memory and cognitive function in adults with mild cognitive impairment. When compared to placebo, the ashwagandha treatment group demonstrated significant improvements in both immediate and general memory

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Helps reduce food cravings

Ashwagandha’s calming properties can help reduce food cravings associated with stress. In one clinical study, subjects taking ashwagandha showed significant reductions

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